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Personal Services where you can grow, protect and create deliberate wealth.
Maybe you have a mortgage or debt that you would like underwritten by insurance should a life event occur. In some cases banks require some loans to be insured as part of their conditions for financing. Call today and find out how my access to all the major carriers can work for you by finding the specialized carrier that caters to your situation. 
Protect your most valuable asset, you! The ability to make an income to provide for yourself and your family. Did you know you can protect the people that matter the most to you as well as grow some or part of a retirement nest egg in a tax sheltered vehicle all at the same time with out affecting your RRSP limits? You can and you don't have to pay forever either. It is possible. 
We can set up strategies that help out in times of disability or critical illness to make sure your financial life carries on smoothly in the event of sickness or an accident. 
Many people have relatives in care facilities and know the costs are significant. A few short years can eat away most or all of some peoples home equity. We can set up strategies to alleviate some or all of this concern as well. For life as long as you require. Planning ahead is the key factor.
If you have a situation you would like to speak about please let me know. 
Business Services that assist you with increased profitability, asset protection and employee retention. 
If you own a business with partners most often you will require a Buy Sell Agreement. I can help organize this important part of your business. 
Additionally you may require Key Man Insurance for specific employees that are vital to your success. 
Employee benefits, Group RRSP, Health and Welfare Trusts for medical and dental are all things I can assist with in helping to grow your company and retain employees. 

Tax and Retirement Planning to plan for your future and maximize your retirement. 
Some people wonder how to achieve a good retirement. Here are just a few techniques:
RRSP's - find access to a myriad of products that are RRSP eligible. Some that guarantee all or part of your capital no matter what the markets do.
TFSA's - find access to a myriad of products that are RRSP eligible. Some that guarantee all or part of your capital no matter what the markets do.
I also offer Retirement Plans and Services and Investment service opportunities. 
Estate Planning and leaving a legacy

Wills and Probate. Legal and accounting fees and CRA assessments that happen when you pass away. If we plan ahead we can reduce and eliminate some of these costs. 


Passing on an Estate efficiently. There are ways to avoid the tax man and assure your wishes are met. 


Charitable Giving. We can structure charitable gifts that move your estate in the manner that you wish.