Gary Boyd
Independent Reliable Integrity. Mortgage - Investment - Insurance - Estate Planning designed in your best interest! 

Experience and long term sustainability are key to your success. Licensed for well over a decade now I have provided my clients with superior financing options. In the same way, I provide fiscally responsible Insurance, Investment, Retirement and Estate Planning opportunities. Both Personal and Corporate transactions. Be sure to check out my Mortgage and Finance page and my Financial Services page to become familiar with the many services available.

A customer centric attitude is paramount. I attempt to keep items and issues clean and easy to discuss. I always remember it is your money at work. I provide as many options as I can as standard equipment. My policy is simple, I do my best for my client.

For example, unlike many financial institutions, I will secure a competitive rate at mortgage origination however, I renew mortgages at a competitive rate automatically without you having to negotiate each and every time. Imagine how much easier life will be knowing you do not have to concern yourself with this again and again. It is my pleasure to take those trials and tribulations out of home ownership. I will also enter you into our Mortgage Sweepstakes Contest to win 100,000 dollars off your mortgage. These "options" come standard with my services.

Perhaps you have a commercial development or mortgage situation. No problem. From Warehouses to Restaurants and Sub Divisions development my team has the experience.

Unlike many financial institutions, I can provide the means of creating wealth in tax sheltered environments. These environments have no CRA limits and they may in certain situations provide creditor protection, Worth investigating. Conversely, when after a long life, clients that are looking for ways to pass on their estate efficiently, I can help with time tested compliant legal instruments and legal contracts that act like inter-vivos trusts with out all the large trust fees, accounting fees, lawyer fees and tax implications that deprecate so much of what so many have worked so hard for. Products many financial institutions don't have and that are available as an Independent.

If your a business owner be sure to check out my Financial Services page. I have a number of techniques to ensure your business has the proper financial checks and balances to protect what you have worked so hard for. As a business owner myself I understand what that means to you.

This website is simple clean and not cluttered. The way I like to do business. I work with some of the largest financial companies in Canada. Please enjoy and use the links above to navigate to your particular area of interest or contact me today to find out what having a truly independent advisor can mean for you.